Grant’s Rants: Reality TV Perspectives Include his Hilarious Granny’s

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When Margaret Josephs of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) mentioned she was listening to Grant’s Rants, my curiosity was piqued. I’m always down for a Bravo show recap and I thought “Grant’s Rants” (full title: Grant’s Rants Hollywood Talk) sounded like an interesting name for a podcast. I started out listening for the host Grant Rutter’s thoughts on the reality TV shows I was watching and quickly found his Rhode Island accent intriguing, along with his shrewd commentary on things that don’t necessarily strike the eye of the viewer.

Then I came upon an episode with Granny June. Grant’s Granny reminds me of my own Nana, who, sadly, passed away before The Real Housewives franchise began, but who would have had some incredibly humorous takes. She is unabashed about sharing her blunt observations on grown women wearing pigtails or making a ridiculous ritual of multiple air kisses. Although I had a particular affinity for the episodes featuring this spitfire grandmother, comedians and pop culture enthusiasts have also lent their expertise. In addition, Margaret Josephs (the “Housewife” to recommend the podcast to me) and Danielle Staub of RHONJ were recent guests who provided tantalizing inside scoop and answered questions many had wondered about.

grant and granny june

Grant and Granny June

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Here’s what Grant had to say about his podcast:

How It All Began

Grant’s Rants started in August of 2015. I was encouraged by the following I had generated when I was at AfterBuzzTV. In the beginning, I was surprised by people following me on Twitter, and positive comments I got online. I was used to people being destroyed in the comments, but many respected my opinionated views. I figured, there must be something to this podcasting thing. In my opinion, the YouTube space was over-saturated and Periscope was the big thing at the time. The work I saw coming off of Periscope was on the low end. I produced YouTube videos back in the early days and studied TV in school. Podcasts were the perfect platform to roll out a show and test for audience. I’m a long time podcast listener: I remember downloading podcasts off of my desktop computer and adding them to the my black iPod video! Podcasts like Daytime Confidential showed me that you can be a fan and have a perspective, and with a little insight you can legitimize yourself, but you have to be a fan first and always keep it real.

TV Talk Shows are an incredibly over produced medium, hosts read prepared note cards and are delivered every word or joke via prompter. When podcasting, you have to keep it real and be honest, and that’s why I think so many folks who want information or a genuine laugh find podcasts.

What Grant’s Rants is About

Grants Rants is a pop culture commentary experience, featuring a different guest co-host each week to chart the waters of that week’s latest news. It’s slanted towards reality TV but away from the Kardashians. I have one rule for the show, no Kardashian hot topics. You can get that information everywhere, we are here to cover what else is happening. Every co-host is connected to media or entertainment. This provides for an interesting commentary in the second half of the episode where we spotlight their career and the road to get there. I think people’s stories can be interesting. The thing about working in Hollywood is you can be working on a film set one year and the next you’re moving to Seattle to work in banking – the business takes many twists and turns and it’s interesting to see what keeps people hanging on and how dreams morph into career offshoots.

Guests and a Variety of Perspectives

My favorite guests are those who are on the same wavelength as me. Those people that just “get it”. Observant people are the best. I love to people watch. Grants Rants is all about commentary. It’s an escape from the headlines. I like to think if you look at a cover of US Weekly, Kim Kardashian will be on the cover announcing another pregnancy or something (who cares?), and we’ll talk about all the other stories surrounding that image – a Real Housewife divorce, Paris Hilton’s engagement, Britney’s tour, Scientology, etc. Guests who are game to talk about whatever and come to the table with an opinion are my kind of people. In the most recent episode, (#84) Comedian, Heather McMahan was my co-host. In addition to her being hilarious, she’s an old friend who just “gets it”. We have a certain chemistry that just bounces off of one another that is vital to a good show.

Granny June, my grandmother and my most guested guest is a favorite of listeners. She’s very plugged in to pop culture, reality TV and gossip. She also brings opinions to the table – she can’t stand Mama June and Honey Boo Boo, has no time for Roseanne Barr and can’t quit watching Dr. Phil. What’s great about having Granny on the podcast is that we are clearly very different demographics [I’m 28, she’s 88] but we both see what’s happening in entertainment and have our opinions. It also helps that she’s not afraid to give advice and yell certain Housewives on the show. One of my favorite bits of advice was Granny June telling Kyle Richards to sit down and stop having so many parties!

That’s the type of life advice you’ll get coming out of Grants Rants. The show has become an escape for many listeners, and something I plan to explore more in 2018 and the road the 100th episode this summer!

You can start listening to Grant’s Rants now by visiting: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/grants-rants-hollywood-talk/id1033690074?mt=2.






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#PumpRules Ariana Madix on Anxiety, Faith’s Crush on Lala and Drama This Season (AllAboutTRH.com)

ariana madix

Vanderump Rules’ star Ariana Madix dropped by the studio of podcast host Danny Pellegrino and did not disappoint. She told the Everything Iconic host that she and former nemesis Kristen Doute are on good terms and provided some other behind-the-scenes revelations.

With regard to opening up about her body insecurities on camera recently, she said that producers had been discussing the possibility of filming her in therapy for the past three seasons. She felt that now the timing was right to finally address these insecurities. “It’s something my close friends all know about. Those struggles have always been there. I got to a point where Tom and I were going through these issues and I knew that people didn’t know the backstory behind any of it. They thought ‘she’s not into him’. I thought that instead of there being all this speculation, I would come out and say what’s going on.”

To read more of this interview, see the full article at http://www.allabouttrh.com/2018/02/26/vanderpump-rules-ariana-madix-anxiety-faiths-crush-lala-drama-season/.


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What the Hell, Luke Pell?: ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise Contestant Has Been There For All The Wrong Reasons

luke and stassi

ABC/PAUL HEBERT, Stassi Yaramchuk and Luke Pell at the World Tells All special.

The Bachelor Winter Games just ended and like former iterations of The Bachelor franchise spinoffs, the objectives were murky, the competitions silly, the rules ridiculous and the overarching goals unclear….except to have contestants coupling up at the end. The franchise smacks of desperation and if I ever hear the term “I think I could fall in love with him (her)…” again, I might have to tear my hair out. Something about it all is very inorganic and rushed, which is why it’s unsurprising that Bachelor Winter Games contestant Luke Pell proved to be an insincere jackass.

The Winter Games was comprised of contestants from around the world who had been on their countries’ versions of The Bachelor and Luke bonded quickly with Stassi Yaramchuk who had been on The Bachelor: Sweden. The “deep talk” that connected the two of them was about how they both had battled heart problems. Immediately, that became the discussion point to solidify a bond and it seemed that the two were inseparable and mutually devoted to one another throughout the competition. Ever since Luke vied for Jojo’s affections during her season of The Bachelorette, rumors had dogged the Nashville musician as well as claims that he had been approached to be The Bachelor, but had demanded that his season be all about his music. Nick Viall was chosen instead. The sense was that Luke was about getting likes, Instagram followers and song downloads, rather than being sincere about looking for love. However, when Stassi showed up on Winter Games, viewers saw a tender side of the country crooner.

After expressing how much he cared about her during the competition, it was a complete 180 when he iced her out at the show’s reunion last Thursday night. Stassi attempted to talk with him and find out why he had not been in contact at all since the show ended. Luke referenced a conversation that Stassi was completely unaware of ever having (and which, it was clear to viewers, had never taken place) about agreeing to go their separate ways. It was obvious to one and all that Luke was lying and he had ghosted Stassi once Winter Games were over. When Stassi tried to talk to him during the commercial break, he made it clear that he wasn’t interested in even responding to her.

Luke represents a sinister reality behind reality television. He is someone who went on a show to raise his following and promote his music rather than being sincere about looking for long term love. In the past, the franchise has been compassionate about (seemingly) commitment-phobic men and giving them another chance: Dean Unglert juggled two women on Bachelor in Paradise, coming across as a royal jerk to a smitten Kristina Schulman, yet he returned for this season’s Winter Games and found love with contestant Lesley Murphy.

dean and lesley

PAUL HEBERT, Dean “proposes” to Lesley – well, not really. He offers her a key to his apartment.

Then there was Bachelor Brad Womack who rejected both suitors in the finale of his first season, but was brought back to be the Bachelor a second time and got engaged to Emily Maynard (they broke up 8 months later).  However, these men were not as overtly obnoxious and icy as Luke was on The Bachelor Winter Games reunion. Luke was afforded two chances with the franchise and one can only hope producers realize that in this case, he is not deserving of a third chance. If he appears on this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise, fans will be outraged and it will look like a case of producers rewarding bad boy behavior. Then again, anything is possible within this vapid franchise. Either way, I’ll be tuning in.